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The author (and her lovely friend Jonathan)

My name is Bernadette Lim, and I am currently a high school senior at St. Lucy’s. I love blogging, science, and analytical writing.

These posts are meant to convey the exploration of science through the eyes of a student in which each experience – whether through hands-on experience, reading, research, or conversation – is new, refreshing, and hopfully enlightening to your mind.

Saying this, it is safe for me to say that my posts won’t be of academic par to the rest of the ScienceBlog blogs, but know that all posts are genuine and meant for enjoyment and to incite thoughts within your science-loving mind, whether you are a professor, student, or ordinary science enthusiast.

Some aspects I hope this blog will convey for readers alike:

  1. I hope to be a liaison between the professionals of the scientific community and the next generation. It is our responsibility to allow the next generation of scientists to become passionate about their work.
  2. I am religious, not super freaky religious, but to an extent where my faith is of great importance to me. The relationship between science and my religion (Catholicism) has always been a topic of hot debate, and I hope to reconcile differences and tell you the perspective of an ordinary, religious science-loving Catholic girl.
  3. I am also interested in scientific and health policy. “Science and politics?” you may be thinking. “This girl is crazy!” True, but as I am still in high school,  I have developed a great interest in many things. This is also seen through my love for English essay writing, scientific research, government, and piano.
My experiences in science outside of the classroom include currently being a biomedical research intern at the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology. I was also recently selected to do research through the Southern California Junior Academy of the Sciences. I am also a member of AACR, the American Association for Cancer Research. I would love to take more science classes, but the science program at our school is very limited. So science, need it be, is a self-exploration I have endeavored on my own.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to say hello or offer feedback.

2 thoughts on “About the Lil Blogger

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are a talented writer for one so young. I have been writing and editing science articles for many years, and I rarely see such clarity and authenticity from a writer. You have a genuine talent.

    Good luck with your internship at UCLA (my alma mater) I’m confident that you will go far in your endeavors.

  2. Hello, I’m a teenage passionated by science and new technology.Your website is very useful for students as me. I’m preparing an oral presentation about the optical fiber ‘s use in television and informatics cable networks. Can you please just make an article about optical fiber use in computer networking,and different fiber modes ? The idea at first was to highlight fiber-optic communications which permits transmission over long distances, nonetheless I know exactly what is the influence of refractive index on total internal reflection.
    In my opinion, it would be very interesting to talk about multi mode fiber and single mode too. Precisely, I just need a scientific ( physics and mathematics data) overview,not a “boring” and “classic” historical overview.
    Thank you again.

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